PET Film

YF-1016 is nail & C-Ring connector tape with PET film and polyethylene adhesive.

Technical Data

Classification Unit Typical Values Remarks
Backing Thickness µm 12 ASTM D3652
Adhesive Thickness µm 50 ASTM D3652
Total Tape Thickness µm 62 ASTM D3652
Color Clear
Adhesion kgf/in 2.0 ASTM D3330
Tensile Strength kgf/cm 3.4 ASTM D3759
Elongation % 50-90 ASTM D3759
Melt Temperature 120
Width mm Any Width
Length m 1000

Typical Applications

Collating of Wire Nails and C-Ring

Features and Benefits

Homegeneous thickness and adhesion
Good workability
Excellent heat adhesion
– We have produced various different kinds of adhesive for use in metia applications.
=YF-1020(Paper type) etc.